Meet the Youth Task Force!

Amnesty International is in the process of designing a new global strategy (#NextStrategy) to become a bigger, bolder, and more inclusive movement – setting the course for our work from 2021 onwards. The design process includes input from many different stakeholders, including a Youth Task Force. The Youth Task Force is a group of 16 youth leaders from both within the Amnesty International movement but also from external organisations and partners. Three members are from within Amnesty’s existing Global Youth Collective.  

The purpose of the Youth Task Force is to refresh Amnesty’s organizational theory of change – working through the approaches and tactics it must deploy to achieve change based on feedback received in earlier phases of the design process. They will propose models and options to guide Amnesty’s long-term influencing strategy.  

Around 400 applications were received from 91 countries! It is our pleasure to introduce the 16 selected Youth Task Force members:

Aina Waeber

Country: Switzerland

My name is Aina Waeber and I am a Sociology and Law student at the University of Zurich. Since I started my studies, I have been engaged with Amnesty in various roles, most recently as a member of the board of the Swiss Section and a human rights trainer. For many years I have also been engaged with the Girl Scouts in my town, leading several different age groups. At the moment I am in charge of their finances. I will be able to contribute my experience from other member-based organisations and my critical reflections of existing structures.

Aiswarya Babu K

Country: India

I am a social worker from India, who truly believes in being a changemaker and inspiring others to bring forth positive changes in the community. An Undergraduate degree in Journalism, Psychology, and English from Bangalore University coupled with a combined career in Communications and Development aids me to turning my passions to profession. I am currently working as an Operations Manager with Anthill Creations, a not-for-profit organization for children. Having been associated with Amnesty International India as an Outreach Coordinator, I have created and organized various outreach events and awareness activities on women’s safety, child rights, and LGBTQIA rights in India. As a part of the Youth Task Force, I hope to represent my vision of living as a global citizen first, in an all-inclusive world.

Belinda Adike Asamanyuah

Country: Ghana

I am a passionate Human Rights Activist and believe in teamwork. I have been a member of Amnesty International Ghana for four years and have actively participated in all their campaigns, including sexual and reproductive rights and the abolition of the death penalty in Ghana. I am a dedicated volunteer and have contributed to the planning and development of variety of their youth and National programs. As a youth member of the Next Strategy Task Force, I will represent the views of diverse youth in Ghana, Africa and beyond as well as bring on board different perspectives how human rights are perceived and understood. I will also add dynamism to the discussions of the Global Youth Collective on the next strategy. On a whole, my involvement will be aimed at ensuring that the next strategy of Amnesty International is diverse and more inclusive. Together we develop a bigger, bolder and more inclusive next strategy.

Fabiola Acarapi Alvarez

Country: Bolivia

I’m student of Systems Engineering at the Bolivian Catholic University. At 18, I was the creator of the mobile app “Learn Aymara”, that promotes the learning of the Aymara language with technology. I was the National Representative at the International Meeting: “Young 2030” in Mexico, 2018 and received recognition in “Women who build Digital Bolivia” by AGETIC. I am an alumnus of the Winter Institute program, at the University of Arizona, with an emphasis on the history and participation of women in January, 2019. Lastly, I was a Speaker at VII CONVERSATORY: “Designing the future: science and technology in the hands of girls” organized by UNICEF Bolivia. I will contribute to the Youth Task Force by: supporting the group with my knowledge in technology and gender equality, finding solutions using technology as a tool. I will promote the indigenous culture of my country so that the other members of the group know more about Bolivia. In recent years, technology has become an ally to solve problems, I want to contribute ideas and new ways to improve through technological tools. Through this work I will also improve my organizational skills, responsibility and teamwork.

Julia Inés Roitman

Country: Argentina

I am an Argentinian activist and law student from the University of Buenos Aires completing my studies in International Public and Administrative Law. My activism was focused through organizations such as G (irls) 20, where I am an ambassador since 2015 and Amnesty International Argentina. I have specialized in working with sexual and reproductive rights and equality and non-discrimination. In Amnesty International Argentina I fulfilled many different roles and I am currently part of the Board of Directors.

Lehlogonolo Muthevuli 

Country: South Africa 

I am 22 years old and recently completed my Bachelor of Arts degree in International Relations and Politics from the University of Witwatersrand (Wits). I was first introduced to Amnesty International in 2016 at Wits, and my involvement with the university chapter allowed me to serve on our Executive Team twice, as the Vice Chairperson and as the Treasurer. During my time at Wits I was part of a team that started Worth Bleeding For, a campaign which aimed to ensure that women on campus were provided with free period products. I was actively involved in raising awareness and organising demonstrations – this included coordinating a sit in,and conducting interviews that publicly challenged the Department of Women to take providing these products seriously. I have since further developed her activism by being selected to join Amnesty South Africa’s Transitional Advisory Group (TAG); I am the youngest TAG member which allows me to bring a youth voice to the table. 

Madeline Wells

Country: Australia

I am a 23-year-old trawlwoolway, Madi Madi, Wadi Wadi, Wotjobaluk, Wemba Wemba woman from Tasmania, Australia. I have just started working for Seed Indigenous Youth Climate Network, ater volunteering with them since late 2014. I have also volunteered with Amnesty International for a few years. In 2016 I represented Amnesty International Australia at the United Nations in Geneva. June this year I attended the Women Deliver Conference; the world’s largest conference on Gender Equality as a Women Deliver Young Leader class of 2018. I will bring my experiences and knowledge of living in a regional/rural part of Australia, as a young queer First Nations person. I am a committed human rights defender and continue to fight for climate justice and protecting of water and sacred sights. I love to learn, build strong relationships and networks, and advocate for my rights as a young person to be a part of decision making, advisory boards, and influence leaders to action solutions to make a better world for a just and more sustainable future. Also demanding leaders listen to those directly impacted by injustice, and standing in solidarity with them, and not assuming their needs or wants.

Matt Deitsch

Country: United States of America

As a co-founder of March For Our Lives my first job was to develop a media strategy lead by the question “how do you get America to care about a mass shooting for more than two weeks?” We made it about people… The people we lost and the people we could lose. We organized the largest youth protest in American history but I knew that wouldn’t be enough. My next task became “what happens after?” Where I organized multiple tours around the country, the foundation for hundreds of local organizing chapters, the most successful youth voting effort ever and a media/digital strategy that reached billions. I join this task force hungry to fill the gap our world has for a global peace movement. The tactics I have picked up traveling to South Africa, Northern Ireland and throughout America have opened my eyes to the need to uplift youth. I hope our work within this Task Force creates a path for the children being born today into unjust situations to activate themselves and topple the oppressive powers.

Miłosz Herka

Country: Poland

My name is Miłosz Herka. I am twenty years old and I come from Poland. I study biotechnology but I am also an activist. I started working with Amnesty around six years ago when I joined a school group. Three years later I founded a youth group which I coordinate since then. I have experienced being an observer of assemblies and human rights educator. In July I was a member of European Youth Meeting organization team. I hope to bring my experience of Amnesty from the very basis to the Youth Task Force, together with my love and passion.

Pashtana Durrani

Country: Afghanistan

My name is Pashtana Durrani. I am an activist from rural Afghanistan. I am currently involved with Amnesty as representative of International members and Global youth collective member. I have been active in human rights education since I was 7(13 years of activism experience). I am currently leading a grassroots level organization called LEARN.I write for national newspaper about human rights and human right education. So far I have designed SDGs strategy in Afghanistan. As an activist and as a development expert I can bring in experience fresh eyes and new perspective also lessons from harsh conditions where I have learned how to work on strategies that work and are inclusive.

Rory Daniels

Country: United Kingdom

My name is Rory Daniels, I am 22 years old and an MSc Global Politics student at LSE. I have most recently held youth policy roles in the European Commission and British Youth Council, contributing experience gained through standing as a 19-year-old Parliamentary Candidate in the last UK General Election. Additionally, I continue to work on social action initiatives as a Global Shaper at the World Economic Forum and (until recently) Parliamentary Assistant in the UK Parliament. This April, I was recognised by Target Jobs as one of the UK’s top-10 Undergraduates of the Year for Impactful Social Action, from 4500+ applications. I look forward to bringing strong leadership, communication and policy skills, as well as an enthusiasm for change, to the Youth Task Force.

Shaneel Lal

Country: New Zealand / Fiji

As an immigrant, a person of colour and a member of the rainbow community, I am passionate about social justice for minority groups in our systems, with a special interest in advocating for young people and decolonising. I want to ensure the voices of young people from my community are heard during the policy making and that our culture is incorporated in the system.I am a Youth Member of Parliament in New Zealand, on the Ministry of Education’s youth advisory group and a Global Youth Leader for Open Government Partnership.

Ulemu Kanyongolo

Country: Malawi

I am a 22 year old law student and human rights activist from Malawi. I am passionate about the universality of human rights. I have taken on several leadership roles; chairperson of Gender Justice Clinic, University of Malawi, co-founder of Pamchenga Project, and founder and president of the Young Feminists Network. I will bring innovation and creativity to the youth task force and will ensure that strategies are shaped in a way that makes human rights information accessible to all as well as rethinking a world in which human rights discourse is central to all spheres of society.

Widad Elkachradi

Country: Morocco

I am Widad Elkachradi, a 19 year old from Morocco, a second-year engineering student at The National School of Applied Sciences of Agadir. I am ambitious, hardworking and creative – always seeking positive change. Since I was 15 years old, I have worked on numerous projects, spoken at multiple conferences and was a leader in many organizations relating to human rights. I hope that by being part of the youth task force I could share my strategy vision and combine it with the great work Amnesty is doing reaching a more powerful impact and aid more people claim their rights.

Yara Eid

Country: Occupied Palestinian Territories

My name is Yara Eid and I am from Gaza Strip, Palestine. I am in my second year at Edinburgh University studying International Relations. I am a human rights activist and a Global Youth Ambassador at Theirworld. I am the co-founder and the president of the Edinburgh University Justice for Palestine Society. I am so excited to be part of this great opportunity and I would like to share my past experiences living in a refugee camp under occupation with the group. I want to share the inspiration that leads me to fight for human rights.

Youssef Kamel

Country: Egypt

My name is Youssef Kamel and I am a student of International Area Studies and Religious Studies at the University of Oklahoma. I’m from Egypt and my main area of interest lie within Human Rights specifically in the Middle East and Northern Africa. I believe in the power of people and in community action as the way forward for enacting meaningful change.

For more information or questions, contact [email protected] and check out the #NextStrategy website.